10 Hot Actors You Forgot (or Never Knew) Are Hot Musicians, Too!

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Just when you thoughts your favorite hot actors — like Divergent's Theo James and Vampire Academy's Dom Sherwood — couldn't get any hotter, their voices are heard in an entirely different way than they usually are on the big screen, sending shivers down your spine.

While Pretty Little Liars' leading men, Keegan Allen and Tyler Blackburn, are coming to be known for their tunes when the show's not on the air, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt pretty much equal in his dual life as an actor and musician, these 10 stars have graced some of the top teen television shows and movies, but are not as renowned for their musical abilities (though, they definitely should be):

Theo James
Way before he was cast as Four in Divergent, the British heartthrob played both singer and guitarist in the London-based band Shere Khan. And O… M… G…
Ansel Elgort
Hear the lead in The Fault in Our Stars' sweet beats via Ansolo_Music.
Dominic Sherwood
As if the actor wasn't dreamy enough — what with those different-colored eyes of his and all
— his vocals are sheer perfection.
Tyler Posey
Obviously if you're a longtime fan of the Teen Wolf guy, then you know that he's part of the band Lost in Kostko. But for those who just know him from his hit MTV show, then it may come as a surprise how great he is off-screen, too.
Tom Felton
Even if he didn't snag the role of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter,
we bet he could've made it as an entirely different artist.
Robert Pattinson
Diehard Twihards know that Edward Cullen's alter ego sang on the Twilight soundtrack, but otherwise RPattz' musical talents are downplayed. We want more, Rob!
Jamie Campbell Bower
Although most people know JCB for his roles in the biggest franchises ever — Harry Potter, Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, hello! — the Brit's got mayj singing chops, too.
Steven R. McQueen
Aww, Nina Dobrev's little bro on TVD isn't just a shirt-ripping,
muscular vampire hunter — he's a musical babe!
Alexander Ludwig
Did you know The Hunger Games' Cato can do more than wield a sword?
Ed Westwick
His now-defunct band The Filthy Young even got a few plays on Gossip Girl!
Theo James talks Divergent tattoo makeup and teases shirtless scenes:

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