Is There a Bear Love Triangle in Justin Timberlake’s Future? (Exclusive Video)

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While we much prefer to see Justin Timberlake on-screen ala The Social Network, we’ll take him however, wherever and whenever in movies. And, thus, JT is just one of the many reasons why we’re so excited for the upcoming animated flick, Yogi Bear, in which he voices Yogi’s sidekick, Boo Boo.

But cooler than hearing Justin on-screen? Meeting him live in person! We caught up with JT, plus the flick’s other stars, Dan Aykroyd and the hilarious Anna Faris and asked them about everything from talking bears to Yogi getting a GF. Anna says a “female bear” just might be in Yogi’s future. (Spoiler alert!)

Click on to watch the vid!

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