This Hair Dye Job was Inspired by Fish Scales and We’re Officially Grossed Out

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Most of the time, we love seeing new hair trends hit the web, but we have to admit that sometimes hairstylists take it a little too far. That being said, we’re sad to say that this new Yellowfish hair dye job falls under that category.

While no one can argue that the look isn’t art, the thought of our hair appearing to have the texture of fish scales makes us kinda itchy, but still, we’re working on appreciating the look for what it is: creative expression.

If you’re wondering who created this, ergh, masterpiece, it’s the work of X-Presion Creativos founders Jorge Cáncer, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jose Luis Almendral, who just so happen to be the masterminds behind the pixel hair trend. We have to admit, though, that even though we simply can NOT get down with this look, we’re fascinated and we simply need to know more.

Strange, right?! Well, the good news is, if this dye job makes you uncomfortable, that was kind of the whole point. With one look at the hairstylist trios Instagram, it’s clear that they seldom stick to the norm when it comes to hair, and they’re always looking to do something a little unusual to shock their followers.

While speaking with Allure, Jorge Cáncer said, “Color is where we invest more time in our laboratory of ideas since our first collection X-Kizzo in 2005. We started to research new techniques after creating our pixel hair and wanted to go further.” TBH, with the kind of viral response they got from the pixel hair trend, can we really blame ’em?

To get these Yellowfish scales, Allure explained that the hairstylists had to paint “a palette of dark yellow and white dyes” onto their clients’ hair. If, for whatever reason, you want to try out this trend on your own head though, they’re not yet revealing their secrets. We know… what a bummer!

NGL, we totally admire all of the hard work the artists at X-Presion Creativos put into this look, but if we’re being totally honest, we won’t be rocking this trend any time soon. Too far, people. TOO FAR.