Yahoo! Acquires Tumblr for Over $1 Billion; Vows Not to “Screw It up”

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As one of the top forms of social media at the moment, Tumblr‘s held itself up independently since its launch in 2007. That is, until yesterday when it was announced that the site struck a deal where Yahoo! will be acquiring it for approximately $1.1 billion.

In an attempt to revitalize the company, Yahoo! Chief Executive Marissa Mayer was willing to take the risk on the younger platform. She says, “Tumblr in terms of users and traffic is an immediate growth story for us.” However, don’t expect to see significant changes (if any at all): Marissa adds, “Per the agreement and our promise not to screw it up, Tumblr will be independently operated as a separate business”

What does this mean for avid Tumblr users? Basically… not much. CEO and Founder of Tumblr David Karp, who’s said to have made a hefty amount of money from the deal, says, “We’re not turning purple. Our headquarters isn’t moving. Our team isn’t changing. Our roadmap isn’t changing. And our mission — to empower creators to make their best work and get it in front of the audience they deserve — certainly isn’t changing.”

So, unlike the consequences of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram early last year, which caused the demise of Insta-pictures showing up automatically on Twitter feeds, there are no detrimental effects for users. Seemingly, anyway…