9 YA Movies That Totally Strayed From Their Books

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With The Hunger Games coming to an end, it’s hard to NOT feel totally heartbroken. Yet another series of YA books is coming to a close. Filling us with memories of our favorite moments and making us want to re-read all of the moments that made us fall in love with the characters and the storyline in the first place.

However, when looking back at all of our favorite YA books and movies, it starts to become clear that they’re not really as accurate as we thought they’d be! In fact, some scenes and characters have been completely cut, some storylines have been re-routed, and some characters have even been added into scenes they weren’t meant to be in. And with all of the movie additions — plus all of the unnecessary spin-off books — we’re just looking to get back to the basics.

So, here are some of the ways that YA movies have totally strayed from their original books: