6 of Your Favorite YA Stars Who are Nominated for a Golden Globe This Year

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Get ready, you guys! The Golden Globes are coming up this Sunday night and even though you may not think you know many of the talented actors and actresses that are nominated this year, we’re here to tell you that you’re WRONG. That’s right! This year, you’re bound to see some familiar faces because many of your favorite YA stars are actually nominated for some of their best work. But — WARNING — it may not be for the role you know them for. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t support them and one of their other projects… right?

Wondering which of your faves are up for an award this weekend? Well, we’ve got a list for you, and TBH, we’ll be rooting for these young stars all night! The best part is, while most are nominated for their acting roles, there’s someone else you’ll recognize on this list who earned their spot because of a song they wrote for a soundtrack! So cool! Ready? Check out these six YA stars who you might see take home a Golden Globe on Sunday night: