7 YA Series That Got More Than One Movie, But Never Finished the Franchise

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When a beloved book series gets the big screen treatment, it is easy to quickly get excited. Picturing your dream cast and wondering how they’ll possibly be able to put every important deal into the movies take over your mind and you start to countdown the days, months, years until you will finally see your favorite characters come to life. When it’s finally time for it to release in theaters, there’s nothing better than waiting in line with dozens of other fans discussing how you think the movie will compare to the books, even thogh you always know the book will be better. Thankfully, a majority of YA movie adaptions recently have been pretty spot-on and have been widely accepted by the fans like The Hunger Games. But not all get the same acceptance and praise.

With tons of awesome movies slated for a release next year and some that we’ve been waiting for what feels like years, movie adaptions are highly anticipated. There are the few that failed to deliver to the expectations that were set and unfortuntael ended before their story was finished being told. Some franchises were even given two, three or even four movies before it was ddecided to stop releasing new movies. Whether it was because there was a lack of interest from the audience or there was a disgreement during production, we rounded up all the movie franchises that were given more than one movie but never finished.

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