10 YA Love Stories You’ll Be Obsessed with Even If You’re Anti-Romance

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It’s almost February, so you know what that means… Pretty soon you won’t be able to walk into a store without feeling like Cupid threw up all over the place. Not to mention, ’tis the season for a Nicolas Sparks film adaptations that will leave everyone in the audience ugly crying. What is life?!

Love stories may be the one book genre you refuse to ever put on your reading list, BUT you might want to make an exception for a few of the novels below. Hear us out on this one; you don’t have to be a lovesick teen to enjoy reading some of these books. While the stories contain a little bit of love, they won’t make you want to bang your head against a wall or cringe from cheesy dialogues. To all the YA romance skeptics out there, these ten reads are for you: