15 Awesome Promposals No YA Book Lover Would Be Able to Turn Down

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Just like everyone dreams of having the perfect prom night, everyone dreams of getting the perfect promposal. After all, who doesn’t want to get swept off her feet with elaborate, romantic gestures that make her blush fifty shades of crimson? It’s pretty much the key to kicking things off the right way, you know?

We know that asking a crush to prom can be tough, especially since there’s so much pressure to be unique and creative. But if you and your crush happen to be huge fans of YA books and movies, then promposals just got a whole lot easier. From cool poster designs and banners to poems and even Hogwarts letters(!), there are tons of YA options that your crush would absolutely love. So if you’re planning to pop the question, check out these 15 awesome YA-themed promposals for inspiration:

1. If you’re a fan of The Fault in Our Stars, try out this awesome banner:

2. This TFiOS banner design is pretty awesome, too. There’s no way even a cynic like Hazel Grace Lancaster would say no!



3. And if you want to go even bigger with this theme, get a few friends to help and spell it out in TFiOS colors:

4. If you want to tone it down a few notches, try this cute little TFiOS card:

5. Get creative and make a cool TFiOS poster, like this one:

6. Okay, one more from John Green’s romantic tale for the road:

7. If you’re into Looking for Alaska, then this is definitely the way to go:

8. Show off how Dauntless you are by making a cool Divergent sign:

9. May the odds be ever in your favor with these awesome Hunger Games posters:

10. Spell out your message by making Hunger Games arrows and attaching letters:

11. If your crush loves Harry Potter, make them this adorable poster:

12. You can even ask them with an official Hogwarts letter. Talk about clever!



13. If you’re great at poetry, you can try a Harry Potter-themed poem:

14. Or ask ’em to be your golden snitch:

15. If all else fails, go all out with a home-made owl and a ticket to Platform 9 3/4. Who could possibly say no??

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