6 YA Movie Actresses Who Suffered from Eating Disorders in Their Teens

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It’s not unusual for a child celebrity to undergo some emotional crises as a teen — for goodness’ sake, growing up in the spotlight would take a toll on anyone!! It’s hard to be scrutinized all the time, especially when you’re so young. Celebrities are told they’re too fat, or too skinny, all the time and not even young age can stop this criticism.

Unfortunately, our favorite YA movie actresses are not impervious to the media’s harsh eye. All of the females below battled an eating disorder when they were teens — for some, this occurred while they were in the public eye, and for others, they were still just regular ol’ kids at the time. What’s most important to remember, however, is that all these ladies have overcome their problems with the various diseases and want to remind fans who are struggling that they can, too.