7 Actresses Who Auditioned for Another YA Movie Before Snagging Her Lead Role

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It’s pretty obvious that YA movies are taking over the film industry. With so many of our favorite YA books being transformed for the big screen, it makes sense that the main roles would be highly sought after. Going to a ton of auditions before finally landing a part is a necessary evil for an actor and even though it seems cray cray that some of our favorite actresses were flat-out rejected for Hollywood roles, it actually happens a lot (no matter how talented they are).

In fact, several of the leading ladies in the best young adult films to date actually tried out for parts different YA flicks first, but got swift rejections/ Lucky for us, the women didn’t let the word ‘no’ keep ’em down for long, kept auditioning for parts and eventually brought our favorite book characters to life on the big screen.