6 Male YA Actors Whose Facial Deformity Makes Them Even Hotter

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When you think of YA movie stars like Josh Hutcherson and Dom Sherwood, the first word that comes to mind is ‘perfect.’ But while the hotties are, in fact, pretty close to flawless, they actually have one pretty significant ~issue~ — a prominent facial deformity. WHAT THA–?!

But before you freak out and go back and look for a hidden third nose or secret horn growing out of their forehead, let us explain. A cleft chin is technically considered a deformity, because it’s caused by a flaw in the way the jaw formed while the person was still in utero. As we’ve seen with both male and female musicians, this happens quite frequently and actually can contribute to one’s hot AF aesthetic. Here are six super sexy YA actors who may be deformed, but we still <3 ’em hardcore!