8 YA Characters & Their Disney Princess Alter Egos

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Who could not fall in love with Katniss in The Hunger Games? Or Tris in Divergent? We all have our favorite YA heroines. Whether you fell in love with them from reading the books or seeing the movies, these strong women in literature have been by your side ever since. Just like the Disney princesses you obsessed over as little kids!

So maybe — JUST maybe — there’s more of a correlation between your favorite Disney princess and your favorite YA heroine than you originally thought! Whether it’s their love story, or their ability to kick some serious butt, our favorite fictional book characters actually aren’t too far off from our initial Disney princess favorites. We’re talking, some of these relations between the two are just plain scary…Seriously!

So, here are all of your favorite YA characters and the Disney princesses that they are one in the same with: