12 YA Books That Changed Their Titles from the Bookshelves to the Big Screens

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It’s no secret that SO much changes when a novel is adapted for the big screen. That’s why some authors are really vocal about how much they hate the movie version of their beloved books — and who can blame them? Every bookworm knows that entire characters can be slashed from films and sometimes whole plotlines are axed; even endings can change! But while those huge differences can be really obvious — and often really aggravating — when you’re sitting in the theaters, there’s another really big factor that’s up for adjustment — the title!It’s rare, but it happens.

Whether the originals were just too long for Hollywood or they didn’t command enough attention, we aren’t sure… But whatever the reason, these 12 movies are in the bookstore with one title and on the big screen with a completely different one. Because of that, you may not have even known that some of these famous flicks started as young adult novels.