9 Popular YA Books That Totally Failed as Television Shows

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Whether you’re a bookworm or not, we have a LOT to thank YA authors for. Besides all the blockbuster cult adaptations, a ton of our favorite television shows were born from them, too. Just imagine a Tuesday night without Pretty Little Liars, or a Thursday evening that didn’t revolve around The Vampire Diaries. We know, you can’t even fathom it!

With that said, while some YA books have turned into the biggest television series, some adaptations have not had the same luck. Take Victoria Justice, who just this spring announced the disappointing news that Eye Candy would not be returning for a second season. Maybe you never realized it, but a bunch of other short-lived TV shows were based off of pretty successful YA books. Scroll through the full list below to find out what other shows were a major upset.