7 YA Books That Were Unnecessarily Split Into Two Parts On Screen

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It’s probably extremely annoying to some and great for others, but the splitting of young adult novels into two parts on screen, whether it be television seasons or big-screen movies, tilts a little toward overkill. Yes, of course, there’ll be so much more to see in these prolonged YA adaptations, but there’s a thin line between staying true to the story and stretching the storyline for, say, some more coins. That’s a little too much, don’t you think?

The Divergent Series movie franchise recently hopped on that bandwagon with Allegiant, while the creators of The Maze Runner want no part in such a trend. “I think three is the number; beginning, middle, end, that’s it. Four? I think there’s something off about four,” TMR Director Wes Ball once said. And we agree!

But, obviously, not everyone feels that way. Here’s a set of books that were unnecessarily divided into separate parts: