9 YA Novels in Which the Main Character Tragically Dies from Cancer

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As you can guess from the title of this page there may be **spoilers ahead**. If you’re an avid reader, then you know how often you’ll finish a book with mascara smudged all over your face and surrounded by crumpled up tissues. The number of beloved characters who authors have shamelessly killed off in their books is honestly astronomical and no matter how many times you read the novel over again, their passing is still just as painful as the first time you read it.

While certain fictional characters die from supernatural or magical causes (no matter how long it has been, we will NEVER get over Fred Weasley’s death), a trend emerging in YA fiction is murdering our faves by a killer many of us know too well IRL: Cancer. Keep reading to see nine young-adult fiction books where the main character loses their battle to the merciless disease.