10 Awesome YA Books That Feature Interracial Couples

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There’s something so easy about picking up a book with a nondescript main character — you can focus on fluff and insert yourself into the plot with ease, rather than flipping through each page while being reminded that no, you don’t have blonde hair and green eyes. But is it too much to ask to identify with a character? To find something small within yourself reflected on the page? No, it’s not.

Gone are the days where we couldn’t picture ourselves in any story because every main character fit one mold — white, straight and basically perfect. Now, YA books feature characters of all races, genders, sexuality etc. Whether you’re Asian, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a person of color, or whomever else, there’s a young adult novel calling your name! Here are all of our fave paperbacks that feature awesome interracial couples: