20 YA Books With Bisexual Main Characters You Need to Read ASAP

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A lot of people wonder how anyone over 20 could possibly read young adult books if they’re meant for teenagers — but those people clearly haven’t read any YA lately. The reason this genre has had such a surge of popularity in recent years is because of the way it constantly breaks boundaries. The foundation We Need Diverse Books wants to make sure every young person can see themselves in the books they check out at the library, and the YA publishing industry has been hard at work to make that happen.

There used to be a really good chance that grabbing any old novel off of the shelve at Barnes and Noble would result in finding a story about a straight, white protagonist. Like, nine times out of ten. But that’s not the norm anymore, and we are absolutely living for it. The most popular YA books right now are full of diversity whether the main characters are of different races, sexualities, or backgrounds. The only problem with this is that we want MORE.

So if you’ve been looking for a bisexual protagonist and come up short every time, we’ve got a long list for you to tackle. And by the time you get through all 20 of these, we have a good feeling even more will be hitting shelves.