10 Iconic YA Books That Get Honest AF About Losing Your Virginity

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Whether or not sex has a place in young adult fiction is something that’s constantly up for debate. Despite the fact that YA books are supposed to talk about dealing with the trials and tribulations of being an IRL teenager (which sometimes includes sex), some still seem to think that the two subjects do NOT go hand in hand.

Lucky for us, many YA authors disagree and still choose to show the nitty-gritty deets about first-time sex in their ~controversial~ works of literature. Most of these books show that sex and the whole concept of virginity isn’t only about the action itself, but rather the thought that goes into the decision and how it does (or doesn’t) change your relationship, or yourself, afterwards.

Let’s be honest — talking about the birds and the bees with your parents (or your health teacher) can be awkward AF, but the following 10 YA books will answer at least some of the pressing questions that basically everybody wonders about first-time sex. While some novels have fairly unrealistic descriptions of characters experiencing these firsts, the ones on this list will tell you the unabashed TRUTH about swiping that v-card.