15 YA Movies That Are Supposed to Happen, But Still Don’t Have a Cast Yet

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Movies take a LONG time to make. Even though you might be ready to watch a film based on your favorite YA novel the moment you finish reading it, there is no way a book-to-movie adaptation will happen overnight or even within a one- or two-year timeframe.

Even when YA movies stray from their books, you still count down the days until you can see them on the big screen and that’s totally understandable. It’s only 2016 and we’ve already got our calendars marked for all of the 2017 YA movies set to hit theaters. Sadly, there are a lot of teen books that have been “in the works” to become a film for way too long — like Hush Hush! — and they still don’t have a cast. See which ones we’re talking about here: