Quiz: Which YA Sidekick is Meant to Be Your Partner in Crime?

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Summit/Warner Bros./Lionsgate/Twentieth Century Fox

Summit/Warner Bros./Lionsgate/Twentieth Century Fox

Unless you’re superhumanly good at reading people’s personalities, it’s a safe bet that you don’t possess the ability to choose your BFF. You don’t go searching; instead, it just happens to you, like falling in love or getting a zit on the morning of Picture Day. And, much like your lack of choice in choosing your bestie, you can’t exactly choose the perfect sidekick for you. Basically, a sidekick is exactly like your BFF, except he/she becomes such after serving as half of the reason you survive your YA dystopia. It’s complicated.

BUT, in the event that you did need a sidekick to tell you charming jokes and save your booty every once in a while, we know exactly who it would be. Take this quiz to find out who’s meant to be your partner in crime: