10 Actresses Who Kissed a Girl on Screen Outside of Her YA Movie

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Most young-adult movies, despite being called “young-adult,” are really aimed at teenagers. That’s why they’re full of teen characters. (Think about it: Twilight, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner…) Nevertheless, the actors who portray those teen characters are usually grown adults — ones who can do far more naughty things than their characters could.

That’s why you’ll notice a whole bunch of YA actors and actresses shooting explicit sex scenes outside their YA movies. Both Shailene Woodley & Kristen Stewart‘s resumes are full of ’em! And, even more so, a whole bunch of YA actresses engaged in at least one girl-on-girl kissing scene on screen, too. Here are 10 such beauties who kissed a girl outside of her YA film: