6 of Your Favorite YA Actresses Who Are Starring in a 2017 Movie Reboot

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2016 is making its way to a close and honestly, THANK GOD for that. We have a lot to look forward to in the next year: our favorite teen books are becoming TV shows, we’re going to get to see some long-awaited sequels, a solar eclipse is taking place and hopefully, some of our our relationship statuses are gonna change. And even though some of our favorite YA movie franchises ended long before 2016 even began (*cough* Harry Potter, Twilight and The Hunger Games, to name a few), the silver lining is that some of our favorite actors and actresses who were introduced to us via YA flick are still around, making great new movies.

We’ve seen lots of past trends made a comeback in 2016 (chokers, platform shoes, dark lips and ’90s TV shows, to name a few) and 2017 will be another year of trend resurrections. It started with Ghostbusters this year, but next year Hollywood is giving us a bunch of remakes starring some of our YA faves.