6 YA Actors Who Are Sick & Tired of the Gender Pay Gap

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The wage gap between men and women all over the world has been a longstanding issue, but in recent years, some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities have come forward to speak about their own personal experiences with this particular type of sexism. Of course, Hollywood stars — young Hollywood stars, in particular — who have worked on major film franchises are extremely fortunate, but that doesn’t mean this wage gap between the genders doesn’t exist.

In fact, the gender pay gap in the entertainment industry is still very much alive and well, and now more than ever, actors are coming forward to stop the madness. Just recently, Emma Stone told Out magazine that her male co-stars in her upcoming film, Battle of the Sexes, took a pay cut in order to close the gap and make things more fair. Curious about who else is boldly speaking out on this issue? Here are six YA actors who were bold enough to do so: