6 YA Actors Who Are NOTHING Like Their Characters in Real Life

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Summit Entertainment

Summit Entertainment

Have you loved Robert Pattinson ever since he played Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga? How about Theo James ever since he was cast as Four in Divergent? Well, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, we have some bad news: While some actors and actresses from our favorite YA books-turned-movies have admitted to sharing personality traits with their characters, others have expressed quite the opposite. And, yes, that includes both Rob and Theo.

Like it or not, some YA actors and actresses are just that — actors. They’ve played different characters before their YA hits, they’ve played the characters we know and love and they continue to act as other characters for both movies and television moving forward. They are not actually the living, breathing versions of the characters you fell in love with while flipping through the pages of your favorite young adult book. Shocking, we know. To make matters worse, here are the YA stars who have actually admitted that they are NOTHING like their characters IRL: