Microsoft Unveils Xbox One: “It Changes Everything”

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If you’ve been paying attention to some of our YouTube shows, like PWND and Minecraft Adventures, then you should be well aware of the fact that our hosts are avid gamers. (Go ahead and subscribe. You’ll see.) Which is why the buzz about the new Xbox One caught our attention.

Hours ago, Microsoft unveiled the latest Xbox console that is truly the future of gaming. It “not only integrates TV, Internet and gaming, but also will measure your heartbeat and recognize your voice.”

Xbox executive Marc Whitten says, “It changes everything. This is rocket-science stuff.” No kidding.

Director of Gartner Research Brian Blau adds, “The Xbox One is a real advancement, one that will transform the way we experience TV, games, music, movies and more. From what we can see so far, Microsoft has met and far exceeded expectations for the Xbox One. This is Microsoft branching out into the living room to reach more of a family audience rather than a core gaming audience.”

And they really brought out the big guns on this one, guys. To prove that the system branches more into the realm of entertainment than ever before, Microsoft teamed up with Steven Spielberg to produce a Halo-themed TV show, which will appear as an exclusive premium TV offering on the Xbox One.

What do you think of the new gaming console? Is it something you’d want to test out? Tell us anything and everything in the comments below!

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