The 10 Types of Teachers Everyone Dreads Getting

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Being swamped in work and projects is one dreaded thing about school, but is nothing compared to being assigned a terrible teacher. Not only do they control the amount of ~*EvErYtHiNg*~ that’s piled onto your plate, they also determine the grades you get, and the overall classroom experience throughout. So, basc, they have most of the power and you just have to deal with it.

That’s why we totally feel for you if you find out that you’ve been assigned any of these types of teachers. And, if you can avoid them, then run away in the opposite direction as fast as you can!

1. The one who gives too much homework. It’s like they want you to suffer for the entire day, even after you’ve left school.

2. The one who never explains well enough. It’s like, “Sorry for not having a degree in this already, but I need some more details, please.”

3. The one who warns you not to “take my kindness for weakness.” Surefire way to get an entire class to roll their eyes in unison.

4. The one who purposely separates you and your BFF. What a hater.

5. The one who doesn’t allow any classroom discussion. How else are you supposed to learn or freak out about last night’s Pretty Little Liars episode??

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6. The one who just loves group-work. Newsflash: No one enjoys doing group work. Not one person.

7. The one who’s really into giving pop quizzes. Why? Just, seriously, why?

8. The one who whispers. “I CAN’T HEAR YOU, SIR. I can never hear you, sir.”

9. The one who treats you like an infant. Is there any reason why you still need to sign your name in a Bathroom Book before leaving the room and you’re in high school? Is there actually?


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10. The one who never thinks they’re wrong. So that even when they are wrong, you’re forced to just accept their incorrect information.

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