The Definitive Guide to the 12 Types of Classmates Everyone Hates

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Why Are You The Way That You Are

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School’s tough enough without having to deal with terrible classmates. It’s like, aren’t we all supposed to be in this together? High School Musical says we are. So why do some people seemingly exist only to get on every one of your nerves in class?

We truly feel for you if you share class with any of these irritating types of humans. Remember, just keep calm and try not to roll your eyes too hard.

1. The one who reminds your teacher about homework. GO AWAY, Reminder Kid.

2. The one who raises their hand to answer every question. We get it; you did last night’s reading.

3. The one who’s always eating in class. We can’t decide what’s worse: the sound or the smell.


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4. The one who won’t stop talking to their friends. Just group text each other and stop distracting everyone else.

Turn Around

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5. The one who asks so many questions. Someone needs to stop this student from asking ten Q’s per minute.


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6. The one who’s always playing Devil’s Advocate. Just let the teacher do some teaching, goodness.

7. The one who makes a comment just as the class is ending. Wonderful, now everyone gets to stay later.

Oh Come On

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8. The one who does absolutely nothing in group work. “Oh, don’t worry. We’re all just over here picking up your slack and despising you!”

9. The one who’s always asking to copy your homework. Relax, dude. It isn’t that hard to do your own homework.

10. The one who makes long-winded comments. Just because he/she likes the sound of his/her own voice doesn’t mean that everyone does.

11. The one who always volunteers to read aloud and then stumbles the whole way through. One million eye rolls.

12. The one who pointlessly rewords the teacher’s ideas. All in the name of participation credit.

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