12 Beloved TV Friendships That Are Actually Unhealthy

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Dysfunctional Disney

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Plenty of people have been a part of an unhealthy relationship before. It just happens sometimes! Not that you shouldn’t run for the hills when you notice the signs, but we understand how it can be hard. And do you know who else would probably understand? Some of your favorite TV characters, that’s who! These nine TV friendships are loved by most people, but they’re actually pretttty unhealthy:

1. Lizzie and Gordo (Lizzie McGuire) — In no way is it healthy for either party for one person to be secretly in love with the other but carry on with the friendship anyway. Everyone suffers in the end!

Lizzie McGuire Gordo Plane

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2. J.D. and Turk (Scrubs) — While their bromance is very adorable, we’re almost positive that they’re alarmingly obsessed with one another.

JD Turk Hug

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3. Nate and Chuck (Gossip Girl) — Maybe don’t make a habit of dating the girl who your best friend was just in love with? And don’t even get us started on Serena and Blair.

Nate Chuck Park

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4. Dan and anyone (Gossip Girl again) — SPOILER ALERT: Dan was Gossip Girl the entire freaking time. Talk about betrayal!

Dan Humphrey Gossip Girl Annoyed

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5. Sherlock and Watson (Sherlock) — Where do we even start with this one? How about with that time that Watson almost killed Sherlock?

Sherlock Watson That Was Amazing

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6. Walter and Jesse (Breaking Bad) — Getting a little more mature with the television series, but we just had to because, hellooo, risking your former-student’s future (and life!) all in the name of money hardly seems like a good setup for a healthy and stable friendship.

Walter White Jessie Pinkman Breaking Bad Handshake

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7. Ann and Leslie (Parks and Recreation) — In which Leslie is clearly convinced that Ann isn’t very smart and is lucky that she is very beautiful instead.

8. Tommy and Chuckie (Rugrats) — Despite Chuckie loudly expressing how afraid he is of everything, Tommy still made him do ridiculous things that — guess what — scared him.

9. Kenan and Kel (Kenan & Kel) — Fairly certain Kenan was annoyed by Kel 100% of the time and Kel made Kenan more stupid by association.

Kenan And Kel Thumbs Up

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10. Brooke and Peyton (One Tree Hill) — Sorry, but there’s just something about spending a huge chunk of your friendship in love with the same guy that doesn’t feel so healthy.

Brooke Peyton One Tree Hill

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11. Alison and anyone (Pretty Little Liars) — She is quite possibly the worst friend in TV history, no ifs, ands or buts.

12. Finn and Puck (Glee) — HELLO, Puck got Finn’s girlfriend pregnant and then started dating her himself! How is that okay? That is not okay.

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