9 TV Characters You’d Definitely Hate in Real Life

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While you may be okay with dealing with these characters on their TV shows, it’d be a different story if you had to interact with them in real life. We get that everyone’s got their stuff — ya know, idiosyncrasies and little ticks. But we’re positive that, if these characters were real people, they’d be intolerable and actual nightmares:

1. Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) — Between his irritating need to have things go his way and his inability to recognize when he’s being terrible, knowing him would be a one-stop train ride to Horribleville.

2. Rachel (Glee) — Talk about brattyyyy. Plus, she 100% thinks that she’s better than everyone else. Who wants to be around someone like that?

Rachel Berry Glee It's Stupid

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3. Jackson (Teen Wolf) — He is a grade-A d-bag and we still can’t figure out why people talk to him at all.

Jackson Teen Wolf Eyebrow

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4. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl) — He may be sensitive and brooding deep down, but neither of those things makes him less of a jerk. They maybe make him more of one.

5. Meredith () — She’s so whiny! So much so, that it ruins our perception of her problems so much that we can barely bring ourselves to care at all.

6. ‘A’ (Pretty Little Liars) — All of them; they’re all terrible. The characters on the show already can’t live with him/her/them.

Pretty Little Liars Shh Lucy Hale

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7. Alex (Modern Family) — Every time we start to warm up to her more endearing qualities, she goes back to being a know-it-all and we lose it again.

8. Jess ( Gilmore Girls) — He’s so selfish. Seriously, if you have a Jess in your life, leave him and his cute floppy hair alone.

Jess Gilmore Girls Smirk

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9. Ross (Friends) — Ross always needed to take it down, like, ten notches. He’s the funniest character on the show, but we doubt it’d be the same result in real life situations.

Ross Geller Friends Bagpipes

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