9 of the Absolute Worst Things About Summer Ending

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We may complain about some parts of the summer from time to time, but we still love it. And we’re still super sad to see it go, like it’s about to do. Call us crazy, but the end of the summer has arrived crazy quickly! So, to prepare for the end of summer 2014 as we know it, here are nine of the absolute worst things that you have to look forward to:

1. Back to school. It feels like school just ended and it’s starting back up again. Sigh.

2. Shorter days. The sun is getting closer to setting at 5pm, and no one wants that.

3. No more beach days. Or pool days, or general summer fun days.

4. Dry skin. Who said that it was cool for the winter weather to make everyone’s skin so dry?

Regina George Mean Girls Pores

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5. Actually having to consider the weather. Before you get dressed or make plans, you have to actually look at that day’s weather. In the summer, the only weather forecast is ~*hOt*~.

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6. Friends leaving for school. Especially when you’re in college, you have sad goodbyes to look forward to. Not yay.

Easy A Bye

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7. Getting sick. Allergies are one thing; the flu is something entirely different.

I'm Dying Sick

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8. Dying flowers. But they’re so pretty!

9. Less spontaneity. When it isn’t cold, gray, and rainy out, people are more excited to be spontaneous. Who would’ve thought?

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