16 Things That Suck About Having a Job While You’re in High School

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I want to be real with you guys: getting a job in high school can really suck. Some people choose to work, but for a lot of students, a part-time job is forced upon them, whether it’s because they need money to support themselves or because their parents feel it’s an important part of ~growing up~. It’s even worse when you’re the only one of your friends who’s working — missing parties or hangout sessions to deal with cranky customers is never ideal.

Movies and TV shows tend to romanticize part-time jobs, but my experience was nothing like those stories. I wanted to dance on the roof with my friends like on Empire Records, but that never happened. Even Good Burger looked appealing, but somehow, my jobs were never as hilarious. So, what gives? Where was my tight-knit community of minimum-wage earning ride-or-dies? Movies have been known to be unrealistic about love, but lying to me about gainful employment was definitely crossing some kind of line.

To be honest, there are a lot of positive things about having a job while you’re in high school — it’s just that you have so much else going on that working on top of all of that can be super overwhelming. Aren’t these supposed to be your carefree, wild years? Where in that equation did it say to work six-hour shifts after school? While it’s worth it in the end — hello, paycheck! — here are the 16 worst things about having a job in high school:

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