13 of the Worst Things That Can Happen When You Buy Clothes Online

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Shopping online is always a little bit of a gamble. As a person with a, umm, healthy amount of items lingering in various online shopping carts around the web (J.Crew probably has me on some sort of virtual hoarding blacklist), I know the difference between what’s shown in the pictures and what actually shows up in a UPS envelope via standard shipping 5-7 business days after ordering all too well. Sizing can be wonky. Colors can be off. A hemline that’s marketed as “knee-skimming” can, all too often, turn out to be a little different than what was promised.

But you know what’s really a gamble? Buying clothes from those sorta-cute, sorta-tempting, but definitely sketchy overseas Internet stores. You definitely know the ones I’m talking about. You’ve probably seen them advertised on Facebook with blandly anonymous names like RomWe and DressLily that sell trendy pieces for prices that are decidedly too good to be true — and, as it turns out, these stores usually are, in fact, too good to be true — both BuzzFeed and Refinery29 did investigations into them, and found that they’re mostly scams, blatantly ripping off pictures from other conventional websites and using them to market their own (very different) product. This results, as one might expect, in some pretty disappointed customers, who usually take to the web to air their consternation. The good news? We get to see the actual, disappointing results. Anyway, check out the worst things that can happen when you buy clothes online:

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