10 Reasons Why It Sucks to Be the Last-Born Child

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Everyone assumes that the youngest child has the biggest perks of the family. And while that’s true when it comes to who gets in trouble the least (HINT: The answer is the youngest, otherwise known as “the angel in your parents’ eyes”), it’s not always true. Like when it comes to these ten things, for starters:

1. Hand-me-downs. ’nuff said.

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2. You’ll always be thought of as the baby. 6 years old or 60 years old, be ready for your family to patronize you forever. Which means that…

3. No one respects you. You’re just the wittle baby, after all.


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4. You’re always compared to your older siblings. It sucks when it’s done by strangers, but it’s so much worse when it’s done by your own parents.

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5. You get treated like an adult way before you feel like one. On one hand, that sounds great. But on every other hand, not so much.

6. Being excluded from things you were too small for. You’ve watched countless games from the sidelines.

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7. You can’t get over on your parents. They’ve heard every possible scheme you can think up, thanks to your older sibs.


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8. You were a live-in slave. Sometimes they bothered to bribe you, but other times they just forced you to do their dirty work.

9. Being called your other siblings’ names. They’ve been here longer, so maybe their names are more concrete in people’s minds? Who knows?!

10. Being left out of so many childhood memories. Because you weren’t around yet, or were still too little to remember.

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