The 10 Worst Things About Being the Mature One in Your Friend Group

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There’s nothing wrong with being the Monica Geller (from Friends, duh) of your group of besties. In reality, every group needs at least one! Otherwise, nothing would get done and everything would be a mess.

So, let us say on behalf of your BFFs, thanks for being your super mature self. Also, thanks for taking one for the team and putting up with all of the struggles of being the most mature person you know. God bless ya.

1. You’re expected to make all of the plans. If you don’t do it, no one will.

Oh I See

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2. And then to stay on top of reminding everyone of those plans. It’s like no one else has the calendar app on their phone!

3. You don’t actually want any of your friends’ advice. Not because you think they’re dumb, but because they’re just sort of childish.

Ok Thanks

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4. Giving your friends good advice that they never take. “So, like, what was the point exactly?”

Emma Stone Bored

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5. Your friends are always calling you Grandma. Ugh, whatevs.


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6. Realizing that you are sort of a grandma. Welp, that’s the way the hard butterscotch candy crumbles.

It Is What It Is

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7. You have to stop yourself from arguing every point. It’s tempting, but no one wants to be friends with someone who wants to debate everything.

Lips Sealed

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8. You’ve caught yourself telling a friend to “grow up.” And then cringed very hard right after.


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9. You’re constantly reminding your friends that they can’t say certain things in public. Because it’s really easy to offend people, especially when they’re a stranger.

um no gif

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10. You’ve got really different senses of humor. People probably wonder how you all get along so well when you find such different things funny.

Fake Laugh

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