10 Seriously Ridiculous Rumors About Taylor Swift

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Tumblr (stateofcats)

Tumblr (stateofcats)

You can be the sweetest person in the world, and haters are seriously gonna hate. Taylor Swift is no stranger to tall tales and fabricated stories, but that doesn’t mean reading lies about yourself gets any easier. Taylor is one of the few celebrities who is able to handle the rumors with a sense of humor and move on from them. Remember when a hacker claimed he had access to nude photos of Tay? Not cool and also not true.

But, sadly, nude photos aren’t the most ridiculous rumor we’ve heard about Taylor. Check out six more crazy stories that tabloids reported on over the past couple of years:

1. When Taylor was in tears over Jake’s rebound (InTouch Weekly, January 2011). Taylor briefly dated Jake Gyllenhaal for a few months in 2010 and 2011. Soon after their break up went public, tabloids painted the picture that Taylor was absolutely devastated and that Jake had moved on to her arch nemesis, Camilla Belle. If you don’t remember, Camilla and Taylor had a bit of a feud over Joe Jonas.

2. When Taylor was dating two boys at once (Star, October 2013). Taylor dating two boys at once? We don’t really buy it. T. Swift was accused of cheating on Conor Kennedy with his cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger during a family get together.

3. That time she got a boob job (InTouch Weekly, January 2013). After Taylor was sporting some serious cleavage at the People’s Choice Awards in 2013, rumors started swirling that the country star had went under the knife for some enhancements. A plastic surgeon even went as far as claiming he could see a scar on her chest where the implants went. Pretty sure that’s just a shadow.

4. When Taylor was having a shocking romance with her BFF Karlie (OK! Magazine, December 2014). Taylor’s close friendship with Victoria’s Secret model, Karlie Kloss, was the center of attention when the two were caught “making out” at a concert they attended in NYC. So untrue — the two are clearly just best friends for life.

5. When Taylor got pregnant (FAMOUS, December 2012). We LOLed at this one because what are the chances? Sure, the two would make adorable babies, but they’re also extremely busy (and young!) pop stars who don’t really have time to raise children.

FAMOUS Magazine

FAMOUS Magazine

6. When Taylor and Harry Styles were secretly dating… after they broke up (New Weekly Magazine, June 2013). This rumor isn’t completely far-fetched, but can the two have any privacy? The tabloids made an immediate assumption that Harry and Taylor were dating again after their March 2013 split. We stand by the notion that the two were just hanging out.

7. When Taylor insured her legs for $40 million (OCEANUP, March 2015). There’s no denying that Taylor’s legs are pretty enviable, but reporting that she had insured her famous gams for $40 million? A little bit of a stretch. In pure Taylor fashion, she handled it with humor and accused her adorable cat Meredith of owing her $40 million after scratching her on her thigh.

8. When Taylor bought a house near Harry (Daily Mail, December 2012). And John Mayer, Conor Kennedy, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Basically, it’s been reported that Taylor has purchased real estate near every single guy she’s ever quote-unquote dated. While she may have actually bought a house in Cape Cod, it definitely wasn’t because she wanted to be closer to the Kennedys. She debunked the rumors during an interview with Vanity Fair saying, “I apparently buy houses near every boy I like—that’s a thing that I apparently do. If I like you I will apparently buy up the real-estate market just to freak you out so you leave me.”

9. When Taylor encouraged Camila Cabello to quit Fifth Harmony (HollywoodLife, April 2015). Apparently Taylor has been telling Camila to quit FH and start a solo career a la Zayn Malik, but we’re having a hard time believing that Taylor would be this manipulative. Why would she want to break up a powerhouse girl group who has been so successful after placing third on The X Factor? We’re not buying it.

10. When she was making plans to reunite with John Mayer (HollywoodLife, March 2015). Rumors are swirling that since John Mayer and Katy Perry’s split, Taylor has been contacting the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer for a second chance. This rumor is pretty unlikely given that Taylor wrote the song “Dear John” about him and we’re pretty sure they’re never ever getting back together.

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