14 Singers Who Were Cast in the Worst Movie Roles EVER

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Have you heard the latest Justin Bieber rumor? He’s supposedly in talks to star in The Expendables 4! According to Terry Crews, who’s starred in all three Expendables films, “The next one, I am telling you Justin Bieber is coming for The Expendables 4. That is for real.”

So far, no one from Justin Bieber’s camp has come out to confirm or deny the buzz, but that just got us to thinking — this is a really bad idea. True, there are many musicians that head to the big screen and it’s the best thing ever — Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson, Ludacris, etc. — but there are plenty of times when that’s so NOT the case. Here are just 14 examples of singers who took their musical talents to camera and bombed: