10 ~Sexy~ 2016 Costumes That Will Make You Want to Cancel Halloween

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It’s impossible to go through a single Halloween without hearing someone complain about it being a holiday for girls to “dress slutty.” Listen, there are fair critiques out there about costumes that are mass marketed toward women versus men. If a dude wants to find a fire fighter costume, they’ll find one that looks as close as you can get to the real deal in a cheaply made, polyester form. If you’re a woman, chances are the fire fighter costume replaces baggy pants with a micro mini skirt and a protective jacket with a bustier. That’s ridiculous. But usually, the people squawking loudest about Halloween hoes aren’t thinking about gender discrepancies, they’re too busy shaming women for wearing form fitting dresses. Yawn. Honestly, who cares if someone wants to show a little skin on Halloween? Life is too short to be pressed about someone’s cleavage.

Still, let’s be real: There are some seriously ridiculous “sexy” Halloween costumes out there. They’re not worthy of mockery because they’re promiscuous, they’re worthy of mockery because they’re bad and try way too hard. From Sexy Harambe (yes, really) to Sexy Donald Trump (yes… really), check out 10 of the ~sexiest~ Halloween costumes of 2016:

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