8 of the Most Ridiculous Rumors Made About Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez is such a sweetheart, so it’s hard to witness tabloids and gossip rags try to spread rumors about her. Much like her BFF Taylor Swift, SelGo has been involved in some of the most ridiculous rumors we have ever seen. From pregnancy bombs to drug busts, it seems like Selena can’t catch a break!

Selena has been rumored to be pregnant almost as many times as Miley, but unfortunately, the tabloid stories get worse and worse:

1. When she was engaged to Justin Bieber and planning to get married soon (HollywoodLife.com, March 2014) Yikes! We (kind of) love the ideas of Justin and Selena together, but engaged and married? No thanks. We’re glad this one turned out to be false because they’re both way too young to make that kind of commitment.

2. When she was pregnant and alone (inTouch Weekly, May 2014) Justin and Selena have been on and off for a couple of years now (they’re not dating as we write this), but the tabloids felt the need to rustle their feathers with pregnancy rumors. As you can see, there is no baby and Justin is not a father.

inTouch Weekly

inTouch Weekly

3. When she was going through a dangerous health period (inTouch Weekly, June 2014) It’s true that Selena is battling Lupus, a disease that attacks your immune system. It’s not true that she was drinking and partying in the midst of her diagnosis and treatment.

inTouch Weekly

inTouch Weekly

4. When she was caught doing cocaine on video (Perez Hilton, June 2014) An “exclusive” source revealed to the tabloids that they have video proof of Selena and Justin messing with cocaine at a club in Hollywood. The source also revealed that the video was pretty dark and fuzzy, leading us to believe that it wasn’t actually the pair at all.

5. When she allegedly got a boob job (HollywoodLife.com, July 2014) Just because Selena was sporting more supple cleavage, the rumor mill immediately started buzzing that she went under the knife and got herself a boob job. Gossip websites even spoke to plastic surgery professionals who did their own analysis of Selena’s alleged breast augmentation. Can you say creepy?

6. When she was allegedly dating Orlando Bloom (HollywoodLife.com, October 2014) After the two were spotted together at We Day in Vancouver, rumors started swirling that they might be a couple. Orlando, who is 16 years older than Selena and was once married to Miranda Kerr, denied the rumors saying that they were only attending together and nothing fishy was going on between them.

7. When she got pregnant by Zedd, but was still in love with Justin (Life & Style, February 2015) Yet another pregnancy rumor! Though Zeddlena may have split up (did they? didn’t they), there was no stopping the rumor mill that SelGo was pregnant with Zedd‘s baby… while in love with JB. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but it makes for an interesting soap opera.

8. When Miley and Selena were expecting the same man’s baby (Life & Style, April 2015) Pregnancy rumor number three. Miley wasn’t having this one, so she took to social media to explain that yes, they were indeed both expecting a baby with Justin Bieber. We can always count on Miley to debunk rumors in the best way possible — with sarcasm.

Life & Style

Life & Style

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