11 Terrible Movies That Somehow Managed To Get Oscar Nominations

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Oscar season is all about recognizing extraordinary achievements of actors and directors, as well as all of the behind-the-scenes people who get zero attention every other time of the year. Also, it’s sometimes about how fab or gross everyone looks on the red carpet. Do you know how you’re supposed to respond to unexpected wins? Anger. Nomination snubs? Rage, of course. But, if you’ll give me permission to speak for you for a sec, we don’t spend enough time being shocked at actual Oscar nominations. The win before the win, if you will.

Because, it’s like, even if a really undeserving movie doesn’t get to have its name screwed up by the person presenting the award, it was still really close. Some might say too close, I would say dangerously close. Because, even though they don’t get to brag about being Oscar-winning movies in obnoxious gold ribbon on their Blu-ray disc cases, they can still say the second-best thing, which is “Oscar-nominated.” So, while I’m glad that in all of these cases, none of these horrible movies ended up winning the Academy Award, let us still point out how shockingly close they came to doing so. After all, if you don’t learn about the past, it’s doomed to repeat itself. And we can’t have any movies like these up for any more Oscars, okay??

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