10 Talented Celebrities Who Are Too Offensive to Like

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Tumblr (em-rob)

Tumblr (em-rob)

FYI, Daniel Tosh’s birthday was this past week. He’s a very talented, funny guy and I hope he had a great day filled with lots of cake, but it’s been hard for me to get that into him ever since he told an audience member that it would be hilarious if she got raped.

I get that I wasn’t there to see how it happened and that he apologized and that many, if not most, people don’t think it should be a big deal, but for better or for worse, it is for me. He’s just one of those people that I probably can’t get on board with in the future. I can recognize jokes of his that are funny to me when I come across them, and I don’t begrudge him his success — he’s just not for me.

And neither are the other people on this list! Unfair as it may be, they’ve said or done something during their careers that for me outshines their myriad of talents. Other people might be comfortable just throwing the word ‘controversial’ in front of their names and proceeding with business as usual, but not me. You may disagree, but here’s the list of celebrities who’ve burned me one too many times:

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