The 10 Most Effed Up Mother-Daughter Relationships on TV

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TV is the place to see everything in real life taken to the extreme. There are shows that are about fantasy lands while other shows are basically your life on a bigger screen. The best shows are ones that you dream about making a comeback (we’re looking at you, Gossip Girl), but never will because they were just too perfect the first time around. Despite all the good things about TV series, there are downfalls to some story lines.

Yep, we said it, TV is not perfect. In fact, there are LOT of messed up relationships that take place on TV shows. There are complicated family dynamics and creepy brother-sister relationships, weird school story lines and even more twisted mother-daughter pairings than we can name. Okay, technically we can name them (and we did below), but there are SO many effed up mother-daughter duos on TV these days that it is seriously concerning. See what we mean now: