The 10 Most Famous Models Ever To Epically Fail At Acting

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Is there anything more entertaining than models on television or in movies? Their whole lives and careers are dedicated to looking good in front of the cameras, with notttt all that much attention paid to learning how to sound good in front of them. Modeling is for sure a skill, and one that I undeniably don’t have for many, many reasons, but just having a pretty face does not an actor or a TV personality make.

Or at least that’s what I’ve discovered in my tireless treks through the crappy movies that models have done while dipping their (dainty) big toes into the acting pool. There are some real gems out there you guys… more than I’d even remembered. And since movies are forever, these particular treasures will serve as a tireless reminder forevermore to these models that it’s not quite time to quit their day jobs.

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