12 of the Most Ridiculous Rumors Ever Made About Miley Cyrus

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Tumblr (theperksofbeingateengirl)

Tumblr (theperksofbeingateengirl)

You know what comes in like a wrecking ball aside from Miley Cyrus herself? Rumors. It seems like the 22-year-old ex-Hannah Montana star is the center of a new scandal every other week. MiCy was just recently accused of being pregnant for the umpteenth time, but handled it perfectly showing fans that she was indeed pregnant… with a pizza baby.

From more pregnancies to secret weddings, here are 10 seriously ridiculous claims made about Miley Cyrus:

1. When Miley “trapped” Liam into the relationship by getting “pregnant” (OK! Magazine, October 2013) In October 2013, Miley was accused of getting knocked up so that her then-fiance, Liam Hemsworth, wouldn’t break up with her. Sure, Miley was probably crushed after her relationship with Liam didn’t work out, but she would never go to those lengths to keep any man around.

2. When Miley needed some serious help (inTouch Weekly, November 2013) In November 2013, tabloids reported that Miley had hit rock bottom and was engaging in random hook-ups in an attempt to numb her pain after splitting with Liam. Yeah, we didn’t buy that one for a second. Miley is the type of person to turn to her adorable dogs to cheer her up!

3. When Miley was pregnant and scared (Life & Style, April 2014) Pregnancy rumor number two was reported in 2014 saying she had gotten knocked up after a couple one night stands. Yet, there’s still no baby.

Life & Style

Life & Style

4. That time Miley was having serious health issues that may lead to a heart attack (inTouch Weekly, April 2014) Tabloids took it a step too far when they started rumors that Miley had a medical condition and that doctors had told her that if she didn’t change her new lifestyle, she would die. It looks like Miley is doing just fine, thankfully.

5. When Miley suffered an apparent drug overdose (Life & Style, May 2014) Aah! This one scared us because we never want to see Miley in bad health, but the media shouldn’t really report on a drug overdose unless it’s 100 percent the truth.

6. When Miley was pregnant (again) and heading to rehab (Life & Style, December 2014) Pregnancy rumor number three? We are starting to lose count at this point. But not only is Miley pregnant, she’s also being forced into rehab after a seriously crazy party. Not cool, rumor mill.

7. When Miley and Patrick Schwarzenegger got married secretly (Life & Style, December 2014) So, not only is Miley pregnant and heading to rehab, but she also had time to plan a secret wedding and marry her new boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger? Girl knows how to multitask!

8. When Miley got a boob job (Life & Style, January 2015) After Miley was sporting some serious cleavage in an Instagram photo that she had posted, rumors started swirling that she had gone under the knife to get breast implants. We’re thinking she went the less painful way and just invested in a really good push-up bra.

9. When Miley and Patrick got secretly engaged (HollywoodLife.com, March 2015) So, we guess those Miley / Patrick wedding rumors were untrue because now they’re secretly engaged? Unless they’re just doing things backwards… getting married and then engaged. A lot has changed in just three months.

10. When Miley placed a sex ban on Patrick (HollywoodLife.com, April 2015) After Patrick was caught enjoying spring break with his ex-girlfriend and a couple other ladies, Miley was understandably upset. But reports had surfaced that in an attempt to punish her boyfriend, she put a sex ban on him.

11. When Miley and fellow ex-Disney babe Selena Gomez got pregnant… by the same man (Life & Style, April 2015) At this point, Miley has been pregnant like eight times in the last three years. But since the tabloids are running out of new angles to write about, Miley is now having a child with the same person that Selena Gomez is having a child with. The suspense is killing us! Miley took to Instagram to debunk the rumors sharing a photo of the magazine cover and writing, “And by the same man we mean @justinbieber.”

Life & Style

Life & Style

12. When Miley got revenge on Patrick by hooking up with her ex, Liam (inTouch Weekly, April 2015) So, in an attempt to get even with Patrick after he allegedly cheated on her (with an ex) during a spring break outing, Miley hooked up with her ex, Liam Hemsworth.

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