15 Hilariously Bad The Lord of the Rings Products You Need to See to Believe

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New Line Cinema

This year, we’re celebrating the 17th birthday of the first Lord of the Rings movie! It’s one of the best film series of our time and we grew up wanting to be brave like Éowyn, or be as good as a friend as Samwise Gamgee was to Frodo Baggins. We love to honor some of our favorite movies by rounding up all of the coolest products and fan art you can buy, but we also love to laugh at all the hilariously weird items that somehow got approved to be created.

We got to go relive some of our favorite LOTR moments by making this list, and we may or may not have bust out laughing once or twice. We hope you enjoy looking through the worst products as we did and you never know, you may find a new favorite joke gift to give away!