7 of the Most Ridiculous Rumors Ever Made About Kendall Jenner

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Tumblr (fiercegifs)

Tumblr (fiercegifs)

When you’re under a spotlight as big as the one shining on Kendall Jenner and her famous sisters, it’s hard to avoid being caught in the rumor mill. Could you imagine being romantically linked to someone who your older sister has been dating since you were a kid, has three children with and who is basically your brother-in-law? Definitely NOT okay.

Nevertheless, it continues to happen and, while most of the buzz may be untrue, it’s pretty entertaining. So, we’ve rounded up seven of the most ridiculous rumors surrounding the 19-year-old model. Just for the OMG factor.

1. She’s sleeping with Scott (Star, February 2015). Aside from Justin Bieber, Kendall has also been linked to her sorta brother-in-law, Scott Disick. Why someone would stick Kendall and Scott together, being that they’re basically family, is beyond us, but we are starting to learn that there are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to fabricating stories.

The only good thing that came from the rumors was that big sis Khloe Kardashian defended Kendall the only way she knows how:

Twitter (khloekardashian)

Twitter (khloekardashian)

2. She’s pregnant with Scott’s Baby (Star, March 2015). The Scott rumors just keep getting worse it seems. As if being connected to Scott in a romantic way wasn’t bad enough, Kendall had to deal with pregnancy rumors as well. Not good for the famous runway and print ad model, who was also only 19 years old at the time, making Scott 12 years older than her.

3. Scott PROPOSED to Kendall, (Star, March 2015). The soap opera continues! First came the dating rumors, then the pregnancy rumors started and last came the pending marriage rumors. Not only is that a lot to deal with in a three-month span, it’s also really far-fetched and crazy. If Scott and Kourtney Kardashian have stayed away from marriage and they have three kids together, why would Scott pursue wedded bliss with Kendall?

4. Kendall and Scott rub their relationship in Kourtney’s Face, (HollywoodLife, March 2015). Okay, we think you get it. There’s a lot of BS surrounding KJ and SD.

5. Kendall Jenner is too fat for the runway, (FAMOUS, September 2014). Kendall was Photoshopped on the cover of Australian magazine FAMOUS and shamed for having cellulite on her thighs during Tommy Hilfiger’s runway show in 2014. Fellow model and BFF Ireland Balwin quickly came to Kendall’s defense tweeting, “I just saw a magazine cover of Kendall Jenner where is (as usual) looks thin and beautiful and FAMOUS decided to photoshop some cottage cheese on the back of her thigh. uh. let me tell you. that girl has flawless legs. I’ve seen them in person plenty of times…” Thank you, Ireland!

Famous Magazine

Famous Magazine

6. She and her baby sister are trainwrecks, (Star, November 2013). Kendall and little sis, Kylie Jenner, were the center of some controversy when a tabloid magazine painted them as “teenage trainwrecks” in late 2013. The sisters were accused of clubbing until 2 a.m., smoking pot and getting drunk as a result of their parents’ separation and ultimate divorce.

7. Kendall thinks she’s better than the rest of the klan, (OK!, July 2014). In attempt to tear her and her sisters apart, rumors started swirling that Kendall thought she was better than the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan. We had a hard time believing that one, especially given how close she is to her family and how often she leans on her sisters for advice.

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