25 of the Best Tweets and Memes From #BadHogwartsClasses

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There has been a lot of Harry Potter news lately and, you guys, I don’t hate it. If I could cover HP stuff every day, I totally would! This week marked J.K. Rowling‘s birthday (and Harry’s!), so we got to celebrate that. And last week was Daniel Radcliffe‘s birthday. I would say it’s HP overload, but there is no such thing.

Anyway, @Midnight is famous for #HashtagWars, and it recently started #BadHogwartsClasses. The results were amazing. Actually, some of the classes sounded like they would have been really useful and fun to be honest. I would be happy to take any class at Hogwarts, so maybe I’m biased. Check out these #BadHogwartsClasses and leave your own in the comments:

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