Hanna Marin’s All-Time Worst Moments in the History of Pretty Little Liars

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Hanna Marin is annoying; There’s no use in trying to sugarcoat it. But just because the Pretty Little Liars girl has some downfalls doesn’t mean we don’t love her! ‘Cause, honestly, she’s one of our all-time faves on the show.

Despite her “faults,” Ashley Benson has figured out a way to make ditzy, outspoken Hanna into one of the most relatable characters of all time. But just because the general consensus of PLL fans agree that life wouldn’t be the same without HM doesn’t mean they can’t sometimes have a laugh over her ~questionable~ moments, just like they did with Aria Montgomery. And, as we’ve seen in the past, the Reddit users don’t hold anything back. But fear not! It’s all coming from a place of love.

Here are Hanna’s worst moments in the history of PLL, as told by Redditors.