The 7 Worst Things That Could Happen on the First Day of School

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The first day back to school could be a breeze — that is, if there are no terrible occurrences whatsoever. Because the good part of beginning a new school year is that it’s a fresh start and a clean slate. But the bad part of starting a new school year is that people don’t forget what you did on the first day. Or, maybe they do, but you definitely won’t.

That’s why, when you start school this year, you should cross your fingers tightly that none of these things happen to you:

1. Going into the wrong classroom. And having your eyes meet 25 other sets that are awkwardly staring at you as you try to shimmy out the room quietly.

2. Getting assigned a big project. Who comes to school on the first day to start work on an important project? NO ONE, that’s who.

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3. Discovering that your teachers suck. Because a whole year of grumpiness isn’t fun.

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4. Discovering that your classmates suck. It’s somehow even worse than having a terrible teacher.

5. Walking into class super late. Now your teacher is judging you and will hate you a little for the rest of the year, even if they don’t mean to.

6. Having any wardrobe malfunction. ANY. Ripped pants, unfortunate spill, embarrassing-shoelace-trip. They all spell trouble.

7. Having to go to school, in general. 🙁 Summer 4ever.

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